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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Here I am...

"Here I Am" is the title of a piece of poetry that I wrote years ago, lamenting lost dreams that were only ever half formed in any case. I felt as though I was trapped, within myself...a trap of my own making, I came to realise. And so I broke free. And will never look back!

HERE I AM!!! November 2010... Somewhere in the middle of my EPIC JOURNEY, and a LONG way from the girl I once was. I can hardly call it the start... for my artistic calling began the moment I was conceived... a cross between an Artist and a Builder from a long line of Architects. But I will not bore you too much with my life experience, we are here to CELEBRATE!!! 

ARTFUL ADDICTION is born. Lets watch it evolve. I would suggest a cigar or two, but I'll save that moment for my first Success... NZ Tattoo and Art Festival, TSB Stadium, New Plymouth 27-28 November... only 3 weeks away today. Eek!

 Thanks for joining me \m/ xx

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